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2″ Fork Extenders (Honda Fury)

1365 kr


2″ Fork Extenders (Honda Fury)

1365 kr

These fork extenders (COME AS A PAIR) are a direct replacement for the stock fork caps on all Honda Fury motorcycle. They measure 2″ longer than stock fork caps which will give you just over a 1″ rise in the front of the Honda Fury. The 2″ Fork Extenders will also push out the front tire approx. 1.3″ over stock. These Extenders will meet the fork tubes below the top triple tree. So you will see a seem and a difference in material as the Fork extenders are aluminum and the Fork tube is Stainless Steel. With the polished top on the 2″ fork extenders this product will look more custom and cleaner than the stock raw fork caps. The polish is very good, but you can always make it better with some Mother Aluminum polish. With the lift in the front the handling will change, creating more high speed stability and less scrapping your foot pegs. We suggest our lowered shock for the best overall performance.

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The material is solid billet 6061T aluminum material with a High polish top surface.

This product is sold in pairs. You get 2 extenders for 1260 SEK. Please beware, this product will extend out your front wheel and brake line, you will be stretching your brake line out. We do suggest a new extended brake, we have many sizes and colors to fit your style.

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